So I guess this would be where I talk about myself a bit more.

I am a Master's candidate in the University of Michigan's School of Information, with the intention of specializing in Human-Computer Interactions and Social Computing. I believe that knowledge is power and that information is key; therefore, knowledge of information is surely the key to power, right?

I graduated in 2011 from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts (or ICAM, for short). To this day, I'm still not entirely certain what ICAM was all about, but the best descriptor I can think of is if you put new media art, music technology, and computer science in a blender, then ICAM would be the result. My coursework during that time included a massive helping of interaction design with a focus on how technology allows for new forms of expression and creativity as well as a large side of music technology and how..... technology allows for new forms of expression and creativity. This all culminated in my senior project, PROJECT:READYSTEADYGO, where I tried to take experimental piano techniques and apply them in as mainstream of a context as I could (since my major was declared in the Music department, I thought it was more appropriate that my project be within the realm of music).

Now, during my undergraduate experiences, I also had the opportunity to intern twice in Taiwan as a part of their National Science Council's Taiwan Tech Trek program, where the progeny of Taiwanese-Chinese emigrants are given the chance to experience the work culture (and other facets of the local culture) in Taiwan. The first time, I worked at the National Taipei University of the Arts' Future Brilliant Interaction lab; there, I was assigned to work on interactive animations for an infrared-based multi-touch surface that they called the "e-Bar". The second time, I worked on the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program at Academia Sinica, where my co-interns and I assessed websites involved in the project for international accessibility and usability while also working on a presentation on how web design in Taiwan needs to change in order to keep up with the pace of web technology development in the international community.

With the interaction design aspects of my education as well as my internship experiences forming my foundation, I aim to emerge from graduate school with the ability to wield my knowledge of information so as to improve the usability of the technologies around us, improve the presentation of the information that we use these technologies to access, and understand the information that is fed back into these technologies.

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